The development of Africa is a great concern to everyone. Much have been done by successive governments to no avail. Many beleive in the repartration of quality manpower and brains in Diapora to catalyse the much needed development. In Nigeria for instance, while not much is in place to attract Nigerians in Diapora back to motherland, the Federal Government amidst failed policies to develop the Education sector have institute the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) to catalyse some level of development. One of the critical strategy of the fund is the development of manpower to meet the critical need for manpower and technolgy transfer in Nigeria’s development.
In a report yet to be published by OPK, between $558m and $651million has been etimated to be going into intellectual enhancement from Africa to foreign nations annually. This is for manpower trainings on short academic course, 18 month courses, Diploma programmes and several other trainings of all kinds. Even with the massive capital flight from Africa, economic growth still remains an elusive mirage in Africa. According to the report, Capital flight from Nigeria for educational training is the highest, a whopping 52%! Ghana, Zimbabwe and Others share 48%.  
The astonishing thing in all of these is the fact that despite all efforts, corruption and poverty is still very rampant in Africa. 
What do you think? What direction exactly do you think Africa show explore to attain development?